Prisoner Swap (07/20/2014)

Published article on returned POW Bowe Bergdahl.

To Support and Defend (12/03/2008)

Open letter to Congress calling for criminal charges to be filed against Dick Cheney and George Bush.

Why I Won’t Vote for John McCain (06/18/2008)

An article posted on numerous media and internet sites.

Laws Prohibiting Torture (04/24/2004)

Posted on the internet by Human Rights Watch

From Nationalist to Humanist

(The Humanist Magazine – March/April 1986)

The Vietnam War (07/04/2014)

A warrior’s reflections.

JFK’s graduation speech to the U.S. Naval Academy class of 1961 (06/07/1961)

President Kennedy’s unforgettable and eerily farsighted speech to my graduating class at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Poetry One

My poems express thoughts and feelings while hopefully leaving room for readers to experience their own.

The Briar Patch (08/16/1986)

Sitting on my wooden bunk, staring out through the barred window, I saw a single flower… – a haunting memory of a prison in Hell.

AIDS Awareness (02/13/1992)

Monterey Herald editorial

On Torture, From Someone Who Knows (06/28/2009)

An article posted recently on the ACLU Blog, and other sites before.

Torture, It’s Illegal, Immoral and it doesn’t work (01/17/2008)

An article posted on numerous blogs about the criminal senselessness of torture.

Response to ‘Swift Boat’ and Bud Day lies & distortion about John Kerry (06/09/2006)

An article posted on numerous media and internet sites.

No Tanks In Monterey July 4th Parade (06/27/1999)

Monterey Herald article

Internet Myths about Jane Fonda

A reply I’ve sent to many well-meaning friends who might believe the continuing internet mythology about Ms Fonda.

Songs played on “Hanoi Hannah”

Some memorable songs from the 60s and Vietnam era about war and country. All were played on “Hanoi Hannah,” the North Vietnamese propaganda radio broadcast, to lower our morale and make us homesick. They became very meaningful to me later.

Why I Volunteer (06/01/1996)

An article in “Internet Monterey Bay” and Monterey Bay Community Links.

Poetry Two

In poetry I try to express ideas or emotions in a more imaginative and concentrated style.

50th Reunion Speech (09/30/2006)

My speech to classmates at our Will Rogers High School 50th reunion in Tulsa, Oklahoma.