The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

(A Warrior’s Reflections)
Monterey, 2009

What a terrible waste the Vietnam War was.
What a disastrous venture for our nation.
More than 58 thousand of our finest died.
More than 350 thousand brave casualties.
Our health care costs continue to grow by the billions.
More than two million Vietnamese citizens died.
Untold Vietnamese millions suffered as casualties.
More than 300,000 of them still missing in action.
Unexploded munitions and Agent Orange – kill and disfigure.
Beautiful Vietnam – environmentally devastated for generations to come.

War is the gift that keeps on giving.

War never ends in a warrior’s heart.
So now we fight battles within ourselves.
Many of us experience deep feelings of loss, and anger.
We will never be the same.
Our families and friends will never be the same.
Our country will never be the same.

All of this for no good reasons, only lies by criminal politicians.

But we Vietnam warriors gave it our best.
Even though we walked away from every battle won,
and then had to give it all back,
I have no regrets about my Vietnam service.
I am a proud Vietnam warrior –
Now become a warrior for peace and justice.

Hate the war. Love the warrior.

Published: 07/04/2014